“….and Abraham purchased a final resting place for his beloved, Sarah,
which became a family resting place for our ancestors…”

New Garden of Remembrance Family Legacy Gardens

Within our Gan Zikaron Memorial Park, families may obtain distinct sections to group
loved ones together in a final resting place. We now offer exclusive family sections called
Legacy Gardens that provide a sense of closeness, privacy and solitude.

Legacy Gardens
Legacy Gardens Elevations

Newly created Legacy Gardens in the Washington Hebrew Section at the Garden of Remembrance are separated areas divided by low hedges and landscaping to accommodate four, six, or eight family burial sites. Many families purchase a central, upright granite memorial marker with the family name and individual foot markers or slant markers for the individuals resting within the Legacy Garden. Most Legacy Gardens provide space for an optional granite bench.

These multi-generation family Legacy Gardens, available exclusively to Washington Hebrew members through September 2020 are $4,700 per burial plot of which $1,000 per plot is a charitable donation to our nonprofit cemetery. Please note that an additional $270 for each burial site is required and placed in our permanent Endowed Care Trust Fund.

For information about Legacy Gardens or other ways to memorialize loved ones within our sacred Gan Zikaron, please contact a member of our Garden of Remembrance staff at: 301-428-3000 or [email protected]