Genizah Day – Sunday December 4, 2022

In conjunction with the Community Jewish Book Drive (see below), Families, Synagogues, & Schools are invited to assist us with the delivery and burial of religious books and ritual objects from 10 am to 3 pm in the Gan Zikaron Genizah.

Follow the signs to the Genizah Drop-Off area at the Memorial Park.
(14321 Comus Road, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871)

The Gan Zikaron Geniza
Garden of Remembrance Geniza

The Garden of Remembrance (Gan Zikaron) Memorial Park is honored to provide our community with a Genizah for burial of Shaimot (religious texts and articles), which may include well-worn holy books no longer fit for use, scrolls containing God’s name in Hebrew, worn t’fillin, and torn Torah mantles.

Prayer books that are lightly used should be donated to a secondhand Jewish bookstore, college Hillel, or emerging Jewish community, not the Garden of Remembrance Genizah. We ask that all respect the sacredness of the objects intended for burial by omitting non-sacred items, such as Hebrew school workbooks, Hebrew newspapers, kippot, Jewish artwork and calendars, audio/visual materials, and computer disks. Worksheets, notebooks, and Hebrew texts that do not include the actual Hebrew name of God do not need to be buried in a genizah. They may be placed in their own plastic bag and then disposed of respectfully in the garbage or recycling. If possible, one can even simply cut out the Hebrew name of God for proper disposal, rather than bury an entire worksheet or notebook. Inappropriate and unnecessary materials brought for burial will not be accepted.

Genizah Day is a project of Kehilat Pardes, the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, the Washington Board of Rabbis, the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, the Washington Jewish Week, and the Garden of Remembrance (Gan Zikaron) Memorial Park and its 29 Partner Congregations. The Garden of Remembrance Genizah was generously and thoughtfully dedicated by Ellen and Stewart Share in memory of the 1.5 million children who were killed in the Holocaust.

For information about the Garden of Remembrance Genizah, please contact the Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park office at 301-428-3000 or [email protected]

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