New 2020 Chapel
2020 new chapel aerial
Chapel floorplan

Twenty-six years ago, we began to plan a special place.

We envisioned it would be tranquil and green, in harmony with nature, and we hoped it would inspire healing and compassion. We imagined it would be an uplifting place to find solace, to remember loved ones, and to celebrate life. And we dreamed there would be a chapel in this place, for services, spiritual fulfillment and fellowship.

Today, that dream is almost complete.

The dream was to build the most inclusive Jewish cemetery in the Washington Metropolitan area, serving all branches of Judaism and reflecting and honoring the full range of practices and traditions – from Reform to Orthodox to Conservative and Reconstructionist. Today, our Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park in Clarksburg, Maryland is the region’s only not-for-profit cemetery operated by Jewish community leaders. Twenty-eight congregations are currently partners here. We welcome every member of the Jewish faith, whether affiliated or unaffiliated with a congregation. We are proud of our tradition of providing the highest level of care and attention to our entire community when they need it most. The Memorial Park has become an integral part of the fabric – and a true landmark – for the entire Washington area Jewish community. And now, in 2020, twenty-six years after we began to dream that dream, we celebrate what we have accomplished. And we look ahead. Our plan for the cornerstone of the Garden of Remembrance was a unique and special Chapel complex. The Chapel will be used for memorial services, adding a place for spiritual fulfillment, and ensuring a peaceful and respectful experience. In addition, the Chapel would provide a quiet, contemplative setting for members visiting loved ones.

To complete our dream, we need your help.

Help us build this landmark Chapel within our sacred grounds. Now is the time to participate and lead the way in finalizing this very important part of the Garden of Remembrance. continue to build a legacy of compassionate care and service – and a special way for our friends in our community to honor the lives of those dearest to them. As we complete the design phase of our Chapel and move to complete the funding stage of our capital campaign, several major dedication opportunities exist to permanently link your family’s name with this important and needed addition to Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park. To discuss the important role you can play in creating a legacy for future generations, please call either our executive director, Glenn Easton, or our president, Hank Levine, at (301) 428-3000.