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The Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park Grounds

The Garden of Remembrance is on 152 acres of tranquil meadows and woodland in the gently rolling hills of upper Montgomery County, just a short drive on I-270 from the Capital Beltway. The site and landscape design by Hord Coplan Macht has won an American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Maryland and Potomac Chapters Honor Award.

Beautifully designed in harmony with nature, the Garden of Remembrance is a peaceful setting in which to find solace, a haven in which the living will honor the memory of their loved ones for many generations to come. Paved walkways crisscross the spacious grounds making visits convenient and walking easy. The grounds and grass pathways are designed so that one may avoid stepping on or over any burial sites.

Sadugor Gazebo
Sadugor Gazebo

The Memorial Park offers visitors the Sadugor Gazebo for reflection and meditation. Located on a spacious stone plaza, the peaceful shelter stands near the Founders’ Garden. Furnished with benches and plantings, the gazebo is used for all types of special activities including the cemetery’s annual High Holy Days Memorial Service.

Various types and styles of burial grounds throughout the Memorial Park give families a choice of landscaping, privacy, and personal preference such as our Family Gardens with low, slanted memorials interspersed in low landscaped gardens, flat bronze marker sections, Legacy Gardens with 4, 6, 8, or 10 family sites, and Forest Glades for up to twenty family sites in a segregated section.

In 2005 the Garden of Remembrance witnessed the completion of the Court of Abraham Mausoleum Plaza. On the crest of the hill at the end of the boulevard, this open expanse provides comfortable benches and is a welcoming setting for families and other visitors to rest and reflect. A second Mausoleum Plaza, the Court of Sarah is planned for completion in 2020.

Legacy Gardens
Legacy Gardens

Future plans for the Garden of Remembrance include the construction of a Memorial Chapel when sufficient funds have been raised through our Capital Fundraising Campaign. This multi-purpose building will house an expandable chapel family gathering room, clergy area, lobby, and restrooms. Positioned at the crossroads in the center of the Memorial Park, the Memorial Chapel will offer another setting for funeral services. In keeping with the cemetery’s heritage, the  chapel will include a stained glass Star of David window from the original Washington Hebrew Congregation 1863 temple at 8th and I Streets, N.W. For information on how you can contribute to this project, please contact Glenn Easton at (301) 428-3000.

Pear trees at the Garden of Remembrance
Fall Road
Spring season at the Garden of Remembrance
Green Rolling Hills with Views