As of March 17, 2021 – Updated Garden of Remembrance Protocols for Covid-19

Montgomery County, Maryland now limits outdoor gatherings to 50 people.

The Garden of Remembrance Gan Zikaron Memorial Park continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and the information we are receiving from Partner Congregations, Funeral Homes, and Vendors; County, State and Federal Guidelines; and health authority advisories. Montgomery County, Maryland has recently amended its guidelines which affect our practices for burials.

  • In keeping with State and County guidelines, the maximum attendance at outdoor graveside funerals has recently been increased from 25 to 50 Attendees must wear masks and be socially distanced (six feet) from one another. Protective gloves are recommended. Only graveside burials will be allowed; our Gazebo remains temporarily closed.
  • We will continue to refrain from distributing blankets or umbrellas in the event of inclement weather, and any kippot (yarmulkes) or handouts we distribute will not be collected back from Based upon recommended guidelines, we will continue to refrain from providing shovels for the ritual filling of graves. Attendees should feel free to bring and take home their own shovels or trowels. Many families have found it meaningful to deposit earth with their hands rather than a shovel during these unusual times.
  • To encourage “social distancing” and reduce the spread of disease, we will continue to provide chairs only for immediate family members and those unable to Guests other than immediate mourners will be asked to stand outside of the erected tent. Please remind clergy that attendees will be standing as this may affect the length of the burial service.
  • To protect against possible infection and protect our maintenance staff, caskets will continue to be removed by memorial park staff from the funeral coach when it arrives and immediately lowered prior to the beginning of the burial Pallbearers and family may follow socially- distanced behind the casket and wait for memorial park staff to exit prior to gathering graveside.
  • Please notify our staff immediately if the burial is of a victim of COVID-19 so that our staff can take extra precautions and prepare in accordance with CDC
  • Visitors to our office and restroom are required to wear a mask. Masks and hand sanitizer are available in the office. We have increased the cleaning and sanitizing of our offices and restroom.
  • To assist families to live-stream a graveside service, we are able to provide tripods for cell- phone ZOOM video streaming and a portable Bluetooth speaker that families may utilize with staff assistance and Please refer to our Zoom Video Guidelines.

As always, the health, safety, and well-being of our families and staff are our foremost priority. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


A Dream Come True for the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia Area Jewish Community

In the early 1990s, Jewish religious and lay leaders first envisioned a new memorial park so inclusive that it would become the cemetery for the entire greater Washington, D.C. Jewish community. That dream became reality in the fall of 2000 when we opened and dedicated the Garden of Remembrance (Gan Zikaron) Memorial Park, located in Clarksburg, Maryland in Montgomery County. (Click here for a site map of the Memorial Park). The Garden of Remembrance offers comprehensive services in accordance with all branches of Judaism, reflecting the full range of Jewish practices and honoring personal preferences.

Dedicated to the Entire Jewish Community, Offering Many Burial Options.

The Garden of Remembrance is the region’s only not-for-profit cemetery open to members of all Jewish congregations as well as those unaffiliated with a congregation.

It is Jewish owned and operated, and managed by a board of community leaders. Congregations and individuals trust us to carry out burial arrangements with dignity and respect,  in accordance with Jewish values and practices. As a not-for-profit organization, the Garden of Remembrance returns funds in excess of operating expenses and capital needs back to the local Jewish community. Each year the Memorial Park invites the region’s entire Jewish community to a memorial service at the cemetery to mark the High Holy Day Season.

Range of Services

Fall at the GardenBurial Options

Burial sites are available with a choice of upright memorials, slanted monuments, and flat granite or bronze markers. The space allocated for each gravesite is larger than other Jewish cemeteries in the area to accommodate memorial markers.

A limited number of Forest Glades in a tranquil setting surrounded by forest trees providing a private family section for up to twenty burial sites are available. Separated Legacy Gardens are in development for families wishing to reserve a distinct section of six, eight, or ten family plots. Unique Forest Groves are offered for boulders containing cremated remains. Mausoleums and Columbariums offer above-ground entombment in the tradition of our ancestors, Abraham and Sarah.

Funeral and Burial Services

When you choose the Garden of Remembrance, you join in a sacred bond with and help strengthen the greater Washington area Jewish community. As the region’s most inclusive Jewish cemetery, the Memorial Park offers comprehensive services in accordance with all branches of Judaism, reflecting the full range of Jewish practices and honoring personal preferences. Funeral services are held graveside, in our beautiful outdoor Gazebo, or in the near future, in our new Memorial Chapel.

Burial Sections

We are proud to have twenty-seven Partner Congregations that have purchased individual sections within the memorial park for their members.

Our Community Gardens offer a wide range of cemetery plot locations and options for those not affiliated with a synagogue. A limited number of distinct sections to group loved ones together in a final resting place are available for families providing a sense of closeness, privacy and solitude. The Memorial Park offers Legacy Gardens for 4, 6, 8, or 10 burial sites and Forest Glades which accommodate up to twenty family burial sites. The Legacy Gardens and Forest Glades include a contribution to our nonprofit memorial park. All site purchases include an additional 10% fee to the Garden of Remembrance Endowed Care Fund to provide perpetual care.

Certified by the Green Burial Council, the Garden of Remembrance is a Hybrid Green Burial Cemetery with special sections of the memorial park for Green Burials where concrete liners are not required.


Our Caring Staff

Garden of Remembrance (Gan Zikaron) Memorial Park is fortunate to have a special group of experienced and caring staff members to serve our families, clergy, and friends.

Glenn EastonGlenn S. Easton
Executive Director
Main Office: (301) 428-3000
Cell phone: (301) 502-4711
Email: [email protected]


David KalerDavid Kaler
Counselor and Pre-need Sales
Main Office: (301) 428-3000
Cell Phone: (301) 675-7993
E-mail: [email protected]


Steve CrowleySteve Crowley

E-mail: [email protected]



Bunny NiadBunny Niad
Main Office: (301) 428-3000
E-mail: [email protected]



Jimmy KnightJimmy Knight
Grounds and Facilities

E-mail: [email protected]



Nicolas Vigil TovarNicolas Vigil Tovar
Grounds and Facilities




Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia
Grounds and Facilities