We accommodate your personal preferences
for burial arrangements in accordance with
Jewish tradition.

For centuries, Jewish customs and rituals have paid homage to the deceased, and helped mourners cope during the intense period of grieving following a death. How you decide to honor the memory of your loved ones is your choice. The Garden of Remembrance’s experienced counselors are always available to answer questions and assist you with arrangements at your convenience.

In turn, when you are ready to plan an unveiling, we will help you make the necessary preparations for a time that is convenient for you, your family and your Rabbi.

The Garden of Remembrance will provide you and your family members with relevant information on prayers that may be used for funeral and unveiling services, as well as yarmulkes, water and umbrellas for use in inclement weather. Please don’t hesitate to inquire at our on-site administrative office for assistance.

Memorial Record and Planning Guide

When there’s a death in the family, the survivors must often make important decisions quickly. Planning ahead will take off that burden. The Garden of Remembrance offers a free Memorial Record and Planning Guide that provides an overview of the planning process and indicates necessary arrangements. When complete, this document organizes information in one place, serving as a record and a helpful directive for your surviving spouse, partner, close relative, children and attorney.

(If you would rather read it at your convenience, click on this link, Planning Guide,  and after the document appears select “File” on your browser. Choose “Print” or “Save” from the menu options.)

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