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“In the rustling of the leaves and
in the beauty of autumn, we remember them.”

(Excerpt – Kamens &  Riemer)

Each season has its own uniqueness at the Garden of Remembrnce. Fall at the Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park, in Clarksburg, Maryland, is a time  of breathtaking views, as hundreds of trees change color, and views of distant hills show their vibrance. We welcome all to experience the serenity of our quiet countryside setting. Visit and take in the beauty of the present while you honor the memory of the past. Stroll along paved walkways lined with maturing trees. Stop and rest for a moment at a comfortable bench near a garden bed. Come visit, and experience the serenity of our quiet countryside setting.

Here, you can plant the seeds of a new tradition, and give your family a place to remember loved ones for generations to come.

If you haven’t visited our garden, arrange for a tour today. As a full service partner to you and your family, we offer a wide selection of upright granite memorials, and granite or bronze foot markers, with the largest selection in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We take pride in being able to care for all of your decision making concerns, right here at the Garden. Our grounds are open every day except Shabbat and the first day of major Jewish holidays. For additional information and assistance call our Help Line at 301.428.3000.

We are the Washington area’s only community-based, non-profit Jewish cemetery, welcoming all of the Jewish faith, with expertise in the practices of Orthodox, Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative branches of Judaism.

Shirat HaNefesh,
Our Newest Partner Congregation

The Garden of Remembrance is proud to offer a warm welcome to Shirat HaNefesh
as our 25th Partner Congregation. Its Congregants now join thousands of others in making this inclusive Memorial Park their eternal home.

Shirat HaNefeshShirat HaNefesh, meaning “Song of the Soul” is celebrating its 10th year. It is a welcoming independent Jewish community in “close in” Montgomery County under the leadership of Rabbi Gilah Langner and Hazzan Ramón Tasat.





Spring & Summer

The Garden of Remembrance stands out in its natural landscaping of over 152 close-in acres in a rolling countryside setting. Read more»


For all seasons, our Garden is a welcome place to remember your loved ones. Read more...»


You'll find a quiet view around every corner– rolling hills and wide open blue skies. See our photo gallery»
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